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Attuning To The Change Of Seasons

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

As we move from winter into spring (with the odd detour back into winter!), it is a powerful time to attune to our environment in order to remind ourselves of our own ever-changing, ever transitioning nature.

It is surprisingly easy to overlook the changes 'out there', in nature. Living in boxes with artificial lighting and artificial heating, we are conditioning ourselves to subconsciously believe that things don’t change. Or perhaps we accept that things change ‘outside' (especially when the change inconveniences us) but ‘inside’ I am ME, and I expect to feel exactly the same all day long and from one month to the next. How unnatural!

In the Ayurvedic tradition, the body is described as being made of 5 elements - earth, fire, water, air and ether - the same 5 elements that make up everything else in nature. All activities within our bodies, such as body temperature, appetite, thirst, cell regeneration and brain-wave activity have all been shown to be governed by time of day, or to put it another way, by nature. Sunrise and sunset are key in recalibrating our circadian rhythms. So if you are feeling a little ‘off’ lately it’s likely to do with not having paid sufficient attention to the transition to spring, and responding to changing needs of your body - the activity of about 1 quarter of our genes changes with the seasons.

Since Sept 1, I have begun a new practise of setting an alarm and getting up just before sunrise. This takes quite a lot of willpower, but the early mornings are really magical. The gentle shift from night to dawn, seeing Venus slowly fade as the sky lightens, and hearing the ever changing dawn chorus, really impresses in me that I too am not designed to be constant. With this practise I am tuning myself into the new season.

Watching sunrise and sunset, whatever the season, will always be available to you at Te Whenua, along with a willing buddy to help wake you up.

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