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We Are Not The Voice In Our Head!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

I moved into Te Whenua 5 days ago, and it’s been the most wonderful few days. It’s also been non-stop. It’s hard to sit down when there is so much to do. It was only this morning that I acknowledged the constant accompanying running commentary in my mind… ‘day 5, yup, getting there, kitchen all unpacked…laundry on… need to order more gas….. need to arrange meetings….blah blah…. It’s so familiar to us we don’t even notice that voice. Cos it’s me, right?

This morning (finally!) I did my first silent sitting meditation. My mind was still chatty but there was also space. My personal demanding stories were there, but so was stillness and presence. I gave myself complete permission to relax into my unproblematic consciousness. And I knew - this is my real self. There is nothing I have to get right here. This isn’t a test.

I haven’t got everything worked out, and that’s ok. This is outrageous freedom, utterly loving and utterly at ease. Standing up, I noticed fully, for the first time, a beautiful plant that the previous owners of Te Whenua left for me. What gifts!

Spiritual practice is to serve our unproblematic being with our energy and our attention. Devote yourself, from your heart, to your great life. Stay really close to it. Cherish it, breath it, honour it, fall in love with it.

Today I encourage you to step out of the game, the hustle, for a moment and allow your mind to go quiet. Allow yourself to be overwhelmed by something that is utterly unproblematic, that isn’t pinned down by a story, that doesn’t have a destiny in time or space. This is our real life in spirit, and it is so free it’s outrageous.

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