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Our retreats

Our signature 3-night and 4-night retreats, are described below. 

Jump to the calendar for the dates of all our retreat and workshop offerings, and to enquire regarding reservations. 


Plant-Based Cooking Retreats

4-night retreats

A 'Heart to Table' cooking retreat at Te Whenua offers much more than a collection of plant-based recipes to add to your repertoire. 

They have been the centre piece of our retreat schedule since 2020, and we are currently evolving this offering - check back very soon for an updated description. You can also still make an enquiry or tentative booking be first to hear when the new format is announced in Dec 2023.

Your guide in the kitchen - Jenny Lomas - was previously the Head Chef at the multi-award winning Aro Hā Retreat in Glenorchy NZ from 2017-2020, and has held head-chef positions in multiple retreat centres worldwide since 2010. 

Awaken all your senses, be nourished, and in turn nourish others. 

These retreats run with a minimum of 2 guests and a maximum of 5. If you are considering this retreat with a friend and the published dates don't quite work please get in touch to see if we can create something for you.   

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Presence & Possibilities Retreats

3-night retreats

Cultivating more presence helps us live more fully, connect more deeply, and access deeper levels of wisdom and compassion in our hearts. 

This is not an ‘intensive’ meditation retreat, rather we practise ways we can cultivate more presence in our daily lives. Using teachings from Buddhism and other contemplative religions, as well as latest research from neuroscience and interpersonal-neurobiology, you will experience for yourself the benefits of taming our wandering mind, and the opportunities that an open and calm mind can bring.

To support us in getting out of our heads and into our bodies a little more, the retreat also includes, a 2-hour hands on cooking class, a 75 minute private yoga class, and (weather permitting!) opportunities to take mindful walks in nature.

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Recollecting your Inner Wisdom ~
Seasonal Retreats

4-night retreats

 We spend much of our lives inside our heads, yet it is our hearts that carry both the wisdom and compassion we are seeking. 


Our retreats are all designed on the same principle - that with support (nourishing food, permission to deeply rest, meditation to support presence), we discover that at the centre of our being we have all the answers we need.

It takes time however for our minds to stop racing and our bodies to relax. On this 5-day retreat, as we slow down, restore our being with nourishing food and deep sleep, we can connect with that place that's always been there - call it heart, or higher self, or soul.

These retreats are fully catered with seasonal plant-based meals, and offer a balanced mix of facilitated sessions and free time. All sessions are optional, and include guided reflections, meditation, plant-based cooking, yoga and contemplations. Use the 'downtime' for a local walk, to take rest, read, rediscover your inherent connection to nature, and end the day perhaps with a hot-tub under the stars.

Come as you are, and leave feeling grounded, more creative, and inspired for your ongoing journey.

We offer these all inclusive 4-night / 5-day retreats seasonally - summer, autumn, winter and spring.

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Retreats 2023 - 2024


Bespoke Retreats

Here to Support You

Whether you are looking for a longer (or shorter) retreat, to be supported in a particular practise or a fast, or perhaps you are wanting the solitude of a solo retreat, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. If you are needing something bespoke at this time we will do our best to assist you.

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