Why Are They So Vital For Our Wellbeing?

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Whatever stage of the journey we are on, retreating from the busy-ness of our lives allows the opportunity for truth, wisdom and healing to arise.
Given the right conditions, the spiritual transformational process will work its magic, and this may be subtle yet profound. Getting back in tune with our intuitive wisdom, our hearts can make wise decisions without having to negotiate with (or even inform) our bossy minds. Seeds will germinate and sprout. Clarity, wholeheartedness and courage will manifest, and we don’t have to do anything except step out of the way and allow it.
There are tried and tested tools that can assist the drop from head to heart; stretching and moving our bodies in ways that feel good, eating a wholefood plant-based diet that is in alignment with the seasons, meditation, art & poetry, journaling, and simply being in a safe and supportive environment.
This is the preciousness of retreat – the allowing of our own awakening.

Two Dried Leaves

Heart-To-Table Cooking Retreats

Residential Retreats, and taster days

A Cooking Retreat at Te Whenua offers much more than a collection of plant-based recipes to add to your repertoire. 

We are certain that you will feel both nourished and inspired by the plant-focused meals we create together, and you will appreciate the nutritional and wellness tips we can share. We also invite a slowing down and a shift from head to heart - the emphasis isn't on achieving, but on exploring and connecting.  

The Dalai Lama has said, "I sometimes think that the act of bringing food is one of the basic roots of all relationships" and we couldn't agree more. Cooking together is one of the most wholesome, meaningful and nurturing activities we can engage in.

Awaken all your senses, be nourished, and in turn nourish others. 

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Presence & Possibilities Retreats

1-day, and 4-day Retreats

Cultivating more presence helps us live more fully, connect more deeply, and access deeper levels of wisdom and compassion in our hearts. 

This is not an ‘intensive’ meditation retreat, rather we practise ways we can cultivate more presence in our daily lives. Using teachings from Buddhism and other contemplative religions, as well as latest research from neuroscience and interpersonal-neurobiology, you will experience for yourself the benefits of taming our wandering mind, and the opportunities that an open and calm mind can bring.

To support us in getting out of our heads and into our bodies a little more, the retreat also includes, a 2-hour hands on cooking class, a 75 minute private yoga class, and (weather permitting!) opportunities to take mindful walks in nature.


Rest & Refocus Retreats

Fully Catered Plant-based Retreats

Join one of our Rest & Refocus retreats if you are looking for a place to pause, refocus and be nourished with delicious home-cooked plant-based meals. Make yourself fully at home, and use all the spaces within Te Whenua - the meditation & yoga loft, the gardens, the cedar hot tub, and of course your private comfortable bedroom with direct garden access. The retreat is relatively unstructured, allowing you to intuitively tune into your needs as the retreat unfolds. You may incline towards periods of stillness and reflection some of the time, and to creativity and movement at others.

We can arrange additional activities and treatments such as one-2-one yoga lessons, massage and shiatsu, which can be booked in advance for an additional fee.

With a maximum of 4 guests for these retreats, you are guaranteed peace and privacy with just the right amount of connection and conversation to support your journey. 


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