Te Whenua Retreat



Te Whenua is a peaceful & transformative retreat centre that provides a deeply nurturing space to rest & re-focus. If you are looking to calm the mind, awaken the heart, and be inspired by time-honoured spiritual & wellness practises, then a stay here will support you.

We provide comfortable and spacious private accommodation, nourishing 'heart-to-table' plant-focused meals, a purposefully designed yoga & meditation space, plus the precious opportunity to slow down and re-attune to nature. The result is greater focus, joyful connection, and an awakening of your own intuitive wisdom & healing abilities.

Te Whenua Retreat is located in Gibbston Valley, just 20 minutes from Queenstown airport, 25 minutes from Cromwell and 55 minutes from Wanaka, in Otago, Aotearoa.


Retreats at Te Whenua

Details of our regular residential retreats are given below.


Heart-To-Table Cooking Retreats

One Day & Multi-Day Retreats

Cooking Retreats are at the heart of Te Whenua. There is something timeless, magical, and transformative about cooking that reaches into our very soul. The act of cooking awakens in us a reminder of who we are, reconnects us with nature, and allows us to experience the great pleasures and benefits of sharing meals we’ve prepared ourselves. Our cooking retreats are whole-food plant-based, and focus on delicious and nutrient dense recipes and ideas that you will want to cook at home. There will also plenty of time for rest and good conversation. As we progress through the retreat we discover new recipes, and certainly new perspectives. With a maximum of 6 participants you are ensured an intimate, highly rewarding, and delicious retreat!

Buddha Statue

Presence & Possibilities Retreats

Cultivating Presence in Daily Life

This is a fully catered residential retreat, which aims to support the cultivation of presence through daily meditations, embodied practises, periods of silence, and tranquil surrounds, allowing a shift to a more mindful way of being.
The aim of the retreat is to leave you feeling rested, more connected, less attached to old stories and automatic modes of reacting, and with experiential understanding of the ways in which being present supports our health, our relationships, and our enjoyment of life


Rest & Refocus Retreats

Fully Catered Retreat Opportunities

The peaceful & nurturing atmosphere of Te Whenua is all yours during our regular Rest & Refocus Retreats, offering an island of calm in a hectic life. Rest, replenish your wellbeing, and surrender to a simpler way of being in order to re-connect with your creativity, passions and joy. Be nourished with plant-focused ‘heart-to-table’ meals, and tap into time-honoured wellness and spiritual practises to carry you forward. We can't wait to meet you.


Bespoke Retreats

Here to Support You

Whether you are looking for a longer (or shorter) retreat, to be supported in a particular practise or a fast, or perhaps you are wanting the solitude of a solo retreat, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. If you are needing something bespoke at this time we will do our best to assist you.


Day-Long Retreats & Events at Te Whenua


Quiet Days of Meditation & Rest

The 1st day of every month, 10am to 5pm

Once a month, we offer the peaceful space of Te Whenua as a restful time-out to a limited amount of day guests. The day is held largely in silence. 

We offer a suggested schedule of sitting and walking meditation periods, although you are also welcome to just enjoy the quiet, and to tune into nature and your own inner wisdom.

A plant-based lunch is included, and we will end the day with home-made chai and an opportunity for connecting and sharing.

Nurturing Resilience

Sun 7th Nov, 9.30am to 4.30pm

A day retreat designed to develop our resourcefulness, confidence and joy for the journey ahead.

Inclusive of yoga, guided meditation, an exploration of ways to develop resilience, trust and self-compassion, and time for relaxation & connection and a nourishing plant-based lunch.

Spaces limited and bookings essential.

Everyone welcome and no experience necessary. 

This day is co-facilitated by Jenny Lomas and Jazz Braden.

Red Roses In Water

Gentle Care In Death Workshop

15th October

Please join us for an inspiring one-day workshop, learning the benefits of home funerals and natural death care led by Claire Turnham MBE.

Claire will share her personal and professional experiences as a death carer and educator, home funeral guide, family advocate and independent funeral celebrant, which she does with much sensitivity and love. 

This special day comes highly recommended, and is suitable and relevant for us all.  


"My stay at Te Whenua Retreat exceeded my expectations. I found I could sink into the stillness and wildness of the beautiful surroundings and allow a deep sense of relaxation and ease to sink into my bones.  The warm invitation to unwind, the delicious cooking, and time spent in rich conversation in the spa under the glorious night sky made for a memorable stay, and a desire to return before too long."